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About Us

About Us

King Spa & Sauna is a unique Korean inspired spa that is known as "Jjim-Jil Bang". Jjim-Jil Bang spa is one of the many traditional assets that have coexisted in the Korean community. With its own unique cultural blend, the Korean sauna offers great relaxation to relieve stress from the body and mind. The King Spa & Sauna has grabbed the attention of the American media and public with its globally competitive new concept, a concept that provides a family oriented well-being sauna and spa. We offer a complete sauna experience with 9 unique healing sauna rooms, acupressure massage for the whole body, a pool to relax in, and a movie theatre for your entertainment. Renowned for being the largest Asian sauna in the United States we provide the ultimate authentic experience that Korean Spa & Sauna has to offer in the country.

To ensure that our sauna has the highest quality in treating ailments we use ancient Asian treatments that will relieve your stress, relax the mind and body, and restore your body's health. The ancient Asian treatment that we use originates from the Earth's natural elements of crystals, salt, soil, stone, and wood. We infuse these elements with heat, not only allowing your body to be synthesized with these healthy nutrients, but also to disperse any toxins that may be preventing the body's self-healing aptitudes.

King Spa & Sauna is the perfect location for families to get together and experience a quality time. Families will find that our facility is friendly to children as well. Children can enjoy their time watching a movie at our exquisite movie theater or take a plunge in our pool area, while mom, dad, and grandparents utilize this opportunity to truly relax and rejuvenate their body and mind. We know that our customers are looking for a place to relax the fatigued body and stressed mind. We also know that sometimes we do not have the time to go on expensive vacations. The King Spa & Sauna is the answer to these issues and we do our best to provide our friends and family the most luxurious experience. We have only one motto "until you are satisfied" in our Spa & Sauna. To ensure that our customers are given a family-friendly environment and that we exceed our customers with excellent hospitality.

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