Guests under the age of 18, who is not coming to the facility with a parent or legal guardian who is 21 years, must have the waiver signed before entering. WAIVER AND RELEASE FORM
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Gold Aroma / King Scrub / Aroma Gold Massage(90min) / Acupressure Massage(90min) / Stone Massage(90min) / Foot Chair Combo(60min) / Deluxe Facial(90min) / Diamond Peel Microderm Facial(60min) / Green Tea(60 min)

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Wormwood Steam Sitz Special
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At King Spa & Sauna we are proud to be able to offer Acupressure massage as one more way to aid in your healing

King Spa & Sauna keys are designed to be used a locker key as well as a credit card. All extra services that are received after admission will be saved on this key for payment at check out.

You can grab a bite to eat without ever having to leave your bathing suit. In a food court designed especially for healthy life style

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